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Product Care

Learning how to properly take care of your surfaces makes a difference. Be ready for anything that may come your way by learning about the right care and warranty options at your disposal.

Working with natural and engineered stone for many years, we’ve become very familiar with it – how to care for it, protect it, and resolve problems when they occur. 


While the care and maintenance of your new countertops will vary depending on your choice of material, there is one basic rule that you can use regardless of your selection and that is prevention.  Prevention is one of simplest and best ways to care for and maintain your stone countertops.  The use of cutting boards, coasters for drinks, and trivets for hot pots, pans, and dishes will help to prevent etching, staining, and scorching. And of course, never ever stand, kneel, or sit on your countertops.

We are always available to answer questions when our customers ask.  One of the most common questions we get is, “Now that I have it, how do I take care of it?”  Below are various resources to help answer any questions you may have about care and warranty!

Warranty & Care

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