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Process & Fabrication

By bringing all in house, we are able to hold our craftsmen to a higher standard. We call that The Distinct Advantage.


Your custom countertop installation process begins and ends with you.  From your initial consultation to your final approval, we seek to keep our clients engaged throughout the entire process.  At your initial consultation, you will meet with one of our trained professionals who will listen, understand and advise you to bring your concept to life. Based on your budget, needs and style, we will assist and guide you as you make your stone selection (type), choose your pattern (look), and determine your finishing (edge style).

Measuring & Layout

The next step of the process is the digital templating solution to measure your project.  Our state of the art equipment provides precise measurements critical for your custom fabrication.  We also inspect our slabs with some of the most advanced equipment, a Taglio digital scanner with 4K renderings.  Distinct Stoneworks’ resident experts will then collaborate with you to determine the layout to maximize the digital yield, how to best utilize the material to achieve the desired look (pattern), while staying true to the original design intent.


 Cutting &   Fabrication

Once your layout has been approved, your project progresses to our manufacturing facility where our skilled craftsmen cut & fabricate your selection of stone to your specifications. Once finished, it is sealed and strengthened (if necessary). At Distinct Stoneworks, we strive to keep the entire process internal where our trained professionals use state of the art CNC equipment, Sasso saw, and edge polishers, etc., to assist our craftsmen in accurately and expertly cutting & fabricating your project.  This allows us to monitor the quality through all of the facets of the work being performed, providing excellence at every phase of the project, and to ensure that the installation is completed as scheduled.  This is your Distinct Advantage.


Now that you are ready for the installation, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.   Our dedicated install team will deliver it to your final destination where they will meticulously complete your project, using their expertise, experience and high standard of excellence, for your enjoyment for years to come.

State of the Art Technology

At Distinct Stoneworks, we are committed to continually invest in state of the art technology throughout our entire process.  This is how we can ensure the most precise and accurate measurements possible and allows the experience and expertise of our skilled craftsmen to shine through. It is our  belief that our dedication to the use of innovated technology helps us deliver the stunning results that our customers both expect and deserve.

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